Casa Amorosa

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

High quality olive oil

from our home to yours

Our extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is harvested directly from our own trees. Unlike some other producers, we do not collect the olives from the ground which can compromise the quality in terms of flavour profile and can also reduce the  antioxidant health benefits. Our olive trees are totally organic as we use no artificial pesticides.

We produce extra virgin olive oil of the Simona olive variety, which is characterised by fruity notes of green olives, turnip tops and artichokes. The high content of total polyphenols gives it a deliciously bitter undertone with fruity notes of green olives turning black. Freshly pressed, our olive oil has a piquant taste reflecting its high phenolic and oleic acid content. 

Casa Amorosa EVOO is not just a condiment – it’s an experience; a journey, a moment of pure bliss captured in a bottle. From our home to yours……

Latest News

Our new olive oil

November 2023 was a bumper year for us. The olives just kept coming and coming. We are now selling the oil so if you are interested then please leave a message on instagram or on email We are selling directly in the UK £20 for 750 ml; £15 for

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Simona Olive Variety

This variety is present in the areas of Murgia dei Trulli and Grotte, in particular in the municipalities of Castellana, Conversano , Putignano and Alberobello, Polignano and Monopoli. The Simona variety is known for its sensorial, slightly spicy tone of the oil which means that it has traditionally been destined

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Using our olive oil

There are so many ways to use our olive oil. It can accentuate the food that you eat, without covering it up. It is ideal in salads, in soups, pasta, beans, all types of vegetables but particularly asparagus, artichokes, peppers (as a contrast to the sweet tones) but also all

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“People should always have a good bottle of extra virgin olive oil, a packet of pasta, tinned tomatoes and a good cheese somewhere in their fridge”